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articles of clothing that even more resemble. it. >> what do you expect her to do? she's told john from the beatles. >> is not the first career. that is for a short. a thing to closing is rubbish on both sides of it. stealing stuff is stealing. >> i don't know why she would want to plan the she was the designer of those. it would you want that to mcclendon that was part of your creative genius there. sandra: i can see a few people walking around in the greenwich village, but i am not thinking of this going to work. all right. well, moving along, not altogether different. a guitar played by john lennon has just to the auction block. our box played by not only john lennon but george harrison from the bills. the guitar is expected to sell for between $20,300,000. would you guys -- >> if i had money to burn and love the beatles will be a fun thing dan, but you know who will buy it? the irs. >> wonder where that tall went. the first place we will go to is yoko ono is apartment. [laughter] sandra: but a guitar. at least this is something that can hold value. >> absolutely. sandra: we have see
street -- neil: john -- >> it's contagious. neil: you need something to look forward to like individuals need it. that's what makes you spend and the members spend and all of us spend, and when we get nervous, we don't do that; right? >> right. we just dig heels in as i said, and i think what the elected officials just fail to observe and do, neil, is just really respect where people are coming from, and, frankly, stop taxes, stop regulations, fewer lawsuits, let's help get small business out of the hole they are in, and it's just a classic example of how very little most of our elected officials understand how a business, a small business is run in america. that's just too bad. neil: all right. we'll watch closely. thank you, all, for your help today. we'll keep a close eye on all the developments and the president's trip and whether this economy is going to go up. tomorrow, a look at numbers you don't really quite see all the time that might beg that issue.y ♪ here's gerri willis. >> good evening, everybody. tonight, a cyberattack paralyzes banks an media companies in south korea. wh
report. john, thanks for being with us. great to have you on the show, now, this story surprised me because i thought the drought killed you all, and hear that farmland is on fire, and, in fact, some investment banks out there try to snap up as african as they can, i was surprised by that. what's going on? >> well, it's not quite as drastic as it appears. first off, remember 80% of the farms that are sold are bought by other farmers or the farmer next door who is retired. the idea that the outside comes in and buys, actually, there's more outside investing money in ten years ago. farmers buy the land. that's ad goo thing for the country and for the industry. it's also important to remember that this run up in prices for the land is fed by extraordinary circumstances with global demand for commodities that attracted all kinds of money, and at the same time, farmers are enjoying, at least in the grain farming sector, not so much in the protein, livestock, and milk sector, but they see record profits. similar, we have not seen this literally for a century from 1910-1914. gerri: values
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3